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What is Estación Inglesa?

Estación Inglesa is a programme that brings together a group of Spaniards with a group of volunteer native English speakers for a week in a 4 star hotel in one of our fantastic venues.

The aim of the programme is for Spaniards to speak English with native English speakers and improve their ability to communicate in English. 

Volunteer English speakers get free accommodation and meals. In exchange, we ask you to speak English and take part in activities such as one-to-ones, group conversations, conference calls, quizzes, etc.

What can I expect from volunteering in a programme?

Our programmes focus on communicating in English. Most Spanish people know quite a lot of English grammar but are highly self-conscious when they have to speak in English.

The programme is designed so that you will spend most of your day talking to Spaniards. You will also have your meals in small groups of Spaniards and native English speakers.

You will also get some free time during the programme to visit the town or maybe just go for a swim.

The programme is hard work but also a very rewarding experience. You will see the Spanish speakers improving their confidence as the week progresses and they will thank you for that. You will also get to know lots of things about Spanish people and their culture, meet lots of interesting people and hopefully make some good friends!

Am I eligible to be a volunteer?

Are you a native English speaker? Are you outgoing and would like to share your life experience with others? Do you have some free time and would like to spend it helping others learn English while you enjoy your stay in a nice four star hotel? Then get in touch with us because you might be the right person to volunteer for the programme!

I want to know more

  • Take a look at the programme section to get an idea of what the schedule would be like.
  • You can also check the calendar to see available dates
  • Have a look at our venues section to see what the venues and hotels look like
  • And if you think Estación Inglesa is for you just apply for a programme and we will get back to you shortly

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