We are currently looking for Zoom English teachers for one to one classes with adults.

About us

At Estación Inglesa we have been running immersion programmes in English for over 10 years. We are currently starting with online classes and activities.

We have a practical focus when it comes to learning English. We believe it's important to be able to speak in English with confidence. We believe getting to know different cultures and having fun in a different language is also key.

And yes, we think Spanish people focus too much on grammar and Cambridge certificates. We are looking for native English teachers who share our view!

The students

Most of our students come from our immersion programmes. Average age is 35-45. Students want to be able to use English in real situations, mostly work and travel related. They speak on the phone in English, have international clients, attend trade fairs, etc.

Most of them are educated to a degree level, have a good level of English grammar but lack fluency, confidence and English listening skills.

The lessons

Our lessons are:

  • Always one-to-one
  • Adults exclusively
  • Focused on having the students use English with fluency and confidence
  • Scheduled in advance
  • 1 hour long


We are looking for English teachers who can teach during regular weekly timeslots:

  • Native or native-like English speakers
  • You must be self-employed (autónomo)
  • Tech-savvy (able to manage a Zoom meeting). Training will be provided
  • Ability to work independently

On the technical side, requirements are:

  • You must have a laptop computer able to run Zoom
  • You must have a decent internet connection, so that conversations are smooth
  • You must have acces to a place where you can be on your own during the class

Are you interested? Want more info?

If you are interested please send your CV or drop us a line at

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